Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dentist and Fast Food

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my regular six-month checkup. It went well and I'm still holding onto my record of never having any cavities in my permanent teeth. I'm sure the day will come when I eventually get a cavity, but I'm doing my best to fight tooth decay! (Actually, I have my mom and Chandra to thank for that, since they are the ones who brush and floss my teeth on a daily basis.)

On the way home from the dentist we went to Burger King for lunch since I've had a bit of a BK hankering lately. We each got Whopper Jrs and we were all surprised at how small the  Whopper Jrs have become in the past few years. The buns were smaller and the meat patty didn't even come close to filling the circumference of the bun. YET, the food has gotten more expensive. Our food tasted good, but that being said, I still left not really feeling satisfied.

I didn't have my camera so I couldn't photograph our Whopper Jrs, but they looked very similar to these, except even smaller (and without cheese!):
Something I've been noticing more and more in recent years is that the quality of food isn't as good as it used to be. Fast food and the food that I get at other restaurants just doesn't seem to taste as good as it used to. The actual sizes of things keep getting smaller (while the cost stays the same or even rises) and I think restaurants are using poorer quality ingredients in order to cut corners and save money. I've noticed this more and more lately and I don't even eat out that often compared to your average American. 
One thins Burger King does have going for them is their new thicker cut french fries that they introduced a few years ago. I've always liked Burger King's french fries better than McDonald's since they were just a little bit thicker (and these new french fries are a little thicker than the ones Burger King served before) so they were perfect! I'm the kind of person that likes my french fries to be nice and thick without being too thick, like I think crinkle cut fries or steak fries are. In all reality I'd probably never turn down any french fries regardless of their thickness so long as they were hot and salty, but I really think that Burger King has hit the mark with their new thicker cut fries.


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