Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Reunion: Group Pictures

On Saturday we took some pictures of each of the individual families and one, large group picture of all of us. Our group picture was "amateur" since we just used a tripod and the self timer on my camera, but I think it turned out really well considering there were 29 of us. That's a tall order to get that many people looking at the camera with a smile on their face, especially since eight of the people were small children. Here are the two best ones:
Then we took pictures of Grandma and Grandpa with their three kids, and then we added my aunts:
Rick and Annette's family (minus Matt), and a shot of Tina and Abbie:
Steve and Jackie's family:
Sharon's family:
Laura's family:
Mom with five of her seven daughters, and 12 of 15 of Grandma and Grandpa's grandchildren. Matt, Miriam and Kristin weren't able to make it to the reunion, but it was nice to have so many of us together:


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