Saturday, June 2, 2012

Family Reunion: Sunday

Pictures of my sister Sharon and me, my sister Annette and me, then me with my Aunt and Uncle, Steve and Jackie and their kids, Eric and Lisa.
On Sunday we spent more time in the meeting room at the hotel visiting as a family. We looked at photo albums with pictures from some of our previous family reunions and had fun reminiscing about old times:

This is my cousin Joe and me with a photograph of the two of us at a family reunion at our grandparents house in 1994. I was 10 at the time and Joe was three. He was my little buddy and I loved carrying him around. Here we are all grown up, 18 years later:
We had dinner in the afternoon. My mom mostaccioli the week before the reunion and froze it so that all she had to do was warm it up when we got home from church. We also had garlic bread, tossed salad and homemade bars and cookies for dessert. There were lots of yummy ones to choose from since my mom, aunt and sisters eacch made several different kinds.
Grandpa told everyone "no gifts" because he didn't want people to spend money on him. But we did give him a red cyclamen since he loves flowers, and a scrapbook with a note from everyone in the family and lots of blank pages for pictures. (When the reunion was over I printed pictures and my sister Sharon attached them to cardstock and put them in the scrapbook as a memento for Grandpa. It turned out really well, and my mom mailed it on Friday. It's supposed to arrive in Minnesota on Monday, and my Grandpa said that he can't wait to get it now that it's complete.) Pictures of Grandpa reading through the notes. In this picture he's telling everyone that this gift is something he will treasure:
Pictures of everyone getting a chance to visit with Grandpa. The florescent lights in the meeting room did funky things to some of the pictures, but it was still nice to document the moment for posterity's sake:
I love this candid shot of me having a conversation with Grandpa. I sure love that man:


Julie said...


Your family is lovely. You look so beautiful in the photographs with your grandfather. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

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