Sunday, May 11, 2014

Attached at the Heart

If I made a list of my favorite people in the world my mom would be at the top of the list. I always tell everyone that it's a good thing my mom and I like each other so well since we have to be around each other so much! We rarely argue with each other and actually like spending our days together. I feel really blessed to have such a good relationship with my mom since I know not every child does.

My mom and I both genuinely like spending lots of time with each other and I don't think there's really anyone else I'd rather be with on a long-term basis. I'm really content with the way my life is. Sure, if I were given the option to recover and have a normal life I'd probably take it assuming I'd be able to hold on to all the life lessons I've learned through paralysis in the past decade, and if my mom were still close by. I don't think I could bear living hundreds of miles away from her, only seeing her once or twice a year (or less) like my older sisters. Yes, I'd like to be married and have kids--the dream I always had for my life--but I'm okay waiting for that to happen, even if it means waiting for it until the next life. Even though my life has come with its fair share of disappointments, I'd be perfectly content to spend the rest of my earthly existence with my mom as my "significant other." Being each other's sidekick isn't so bad. ;)
This picture from my high school graduation is one of my favorite pictures of my mom and me. 
Sometimes I jokingly say, "It's a cruel, cruel world," to my mom. I'm not sure how it originated or when I started saying it, but now I just say it to make my mom laugh. It IS a cruel world at times, but it's much more bright with you my mom in it. Happy Mother's Day, Mom; I sure love and appreciate you!!


Jackie said...

Most of us think our own Mums are special, but your Mum is definitely special! You got a good one Heather! Happy Mothers Day.

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