Sunday, May 25, 2014

Whatever Works!

When you're a parent you have to find what works when it comes to disciplining your children. (Not that I'm personally a parent or anything, but I am an aunt to soon-to-be 23 nieces and nephews and know enough about kids to know that you have to find a punishment that carries enough of a sting if you want it to be effective/motivating.

My sister Annette has a great punishment for her daughter Rebecah that I think is hilarious. Rebecah is very much a girly girl and loves wearing dresses. She wears a dress nearly every day. She's such a sweetie, but she's quite stubborn and can be downright sassy and demanding at times. (Not too surprising; she's 4, after all!)

Well, my sister's not about to let the "tail wag the dog" (one of my favorite Dr. Phil-isms) so she's started revoking Rebecah's privilege of wearing a dress when she speaks rudley/sassily. When my sister and I talk to each other on Skype I always talk to Rebecah to see if she's wearing a dress. Sometimes she is and other times she's not. (A few weeks ago she had an especially bad week and lost her dress privileges for an entire week, except for going to church on Sunday, of course.) One time when I asked her if she was wearing a dress she matter-of-factly said, "No, I was rude." It really cracks me up, but I just tell her she needs to be nice to her mom and the twins she's carrying. You better believe that once she left the room I DID laugh! I have to hand it to my sister to find a punishment that carries enough weight to get results.

Here's a cute picture of Annette and Rebecah from last year when they both wore purple to church. And a recent picture of Rebecah in her new princess bike helmet. (She recently started learning to ride a bike and has been practicing on her brother's old one.) She was evidently good the previous day since she's wearing a dress! Once she can ride a bike without training wheels she gets her own bike and I'm quite certain it will purple or pink! :)


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