Friday, May 30, 2014

"The One"

I finished listening to The One last weekend. [This is the final book of a trilogy. The Selection is the first book and The Elite is the second.] It seems like trilogies and series are so popular these days. Of all of the series/trilogies that have come out in recent years, The Selection trilogy is one of my top picks.

There are several reasons why I liked these books so much. They are easy, light-hearted reads, so I was able to listen to them while working on other things (like my photo books or slideshows) and they were simple enough that I could easily concentrate on them while multitasking. All three books were fast-paced and kept my interest. There was also plenty of action and romance in them, as well as a wide variety of characters; some that you loved to hate and others that you hated to love.

This book is kind of like the reality dating show The Bachelor meets Shannon Hale's book Princess Academy. If you're a fan of other books like Divergent, Matched, The Hunger Games or Legend, then you will most likely like The Selection trilogy. I really liked the way this trilogy ended, so it gets my recommendation (for what that's worth!).


Kate said...

My roommate and all my students love these books! I'll have to add them to my summer reading list.

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