Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photo Bomber

One of my hobbies is making photo books. They are definitely a step up from traditional photo albums made with 4 x 6 prints (those just seems so old school nowadays). ;) My sister Sharon has me make a photo book for her family each year to document their family's adventures since she doesn't have a lot of free time for photo-booking since she's busy being a mom to her six kids and all.

I've been working on her 2014 photo book and I came across this picture (on the left) and it reminded me of a picture from last year (on the right). Notice anything adorably cute about these two pictures?!
My niece Rachel loves to "photo bomb" and I think it's so funny how her body is in nearly the exact same position in both of these pictures.

Just this morning Sharon sent me two more pictures that perfectly fit with this post. She was taking a picture of Matt and Emi who were happily playing in a little plastic tub when Rach swooped in to photo bomb. Sometimes it can be irritating when someone tries to horn in on a picture you're taking, but at least this little photo bomber is adorable!


Julie said...

The pix of Rachel are so funny:) I've never understood what the term photo bombed meant, now I do.

I also like the picture of Matt & Emi in the washing up bowl/tub. They're so cute:)

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