Friday, May 9, 2014

Groomsmen to the Rescue!

I heard a fun story on the news yesterday. Aaron and Jo-Anne Easterbrook recently got married in a beachfront ceremony. During the post-ceremony photo shoot the wedding videographer said, "What happened there?" and gestured towards a distressed fisherman who was trying to stay afloat in the water after his dinghy capsized. Two of the groomsmen stripped off their clothes and took off running so they could aid the floundering fisherman. They pulled him (and his capsized dinghy) back to shore where the exhausted fishermen collapsed on the beach.

The wedding videographer captured the entire thing and got some pretty amazing aerial shots with the drone that went up in the air.
It was fortunate for the fisherman that Aaron and Jo-Anne got married on the beach and that two of the groomsmen were such good swimmers and didn't mind getting all wet. It certainly makes for an interesting and memorable story, especially since they have awesome pictures to illustrate. (I especially like the last picture and how the bridesmaids are using their bouquets to strategically shield certain areas of the groomsmen!)


Julie said...

I'm really glad that the bloke filming the wedding saw the bloke in the water & that everyone was ok.

That was really kind of the groomsmen (or best men as we say here) to run into the sea like that.

Great aerial shots. What's a drone?

The last picture made me chuckle,

Hope your Mum has a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow:)

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