Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

I haven't been blogging much lately because things have been so busy! My sister Kristin, her husband Scott and their four little boys moved in with my mom and me three weeks ago. Kristin's husband finished his MBA earlier this year but he hasn't found a job yet, so they decided to move in with us while he looks for a job. I couldn't be happier to have my sister and her family living with us! Until my sister and her family visited in June, it has been four long years since I'd seen my sister. I'd only met her oldest son twice, her second oldest son once (and that was when they were both very young) and I'd never met her two youngest sons. I'd heard all about the boys from my sister, but it was so nice to finally get to know them a little bit.

Kristin's family's nine-day visit in June was wonderful, but it just wetted my appetite for more! I was so sad when Kristin left, so you can imagine my joy when a few weeks later Kristin and her husband asked my mom if they could live with us while searching for a job. He hasn't found a job yet, but I'm "mentally" crossing my fingers that he will find a job soon and that it will be in the St. Louis area. It would be a huge blow to all of us if their family had to leave now -- especially if it were somewhere far away!

My sister Annette and her two kids are also visiting this week, so we have a house full with six kids, ages six and under! It's definitely loud and there's always something going on, but I love it! Hopefully I'll have time to squeeze in a bit of computer time soon so that I can keep posting. I really miss blogging when things are busy!


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