Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ted Drewes: check!

One of the things on my "Things to Do in 2010" list was to go to Ted Drewes for ice cream. If you're not familiar with St. Louis you might be wondering what Ted Drewes is and why it made my list. For all of you "out-of-towners," Ted Drewes is a little stand that sells frozen custard. It's been around since 1929, and anyone who is from St. Louis has certainly eaten at Ted Drewes, or at least knows what Ted Drewes is!

Ted Drewes is especially significant to my family because we would always stop at Ted Drewes after going to the dentist each summer. It was a tradition and we always did it! This is something that I have such fond memories of.

I hadn't been to Ted Drewes in a long time, until yesterday. (It had been at least 10 years, but probably even longer!) So the fond memories in conjunction with the long absence is the reason that going to Ted Drewes made my 2010 list. I loved the trip down memory lane and my chocolate heath concrete tasted wonderful and really hit the spot!

Here are some pictures from the outing:


*Elizabeth* said...

First of all I CANNOT believe it has been that long since you have bene to Ted Drewes!!
Secondly, I don't think I have been to that Ted Drewes - I don't even know where it is. I only know of the one on Chippewa.
Third, what did you get?!

王辛江淑萍康 said...


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