Monday, August 23, 2010

Cardinals game: check!

This past weekend I was able to check another thing off of my "Things to Do in 2010” list when I went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. The reason this made my 2010 list was because I haven't been to a baseball game is almost seven years, and I've never been to the new Busch Stadium that was rebuilt a few years ago. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I really enjoy watching games at the stadium because the atmosphere is so infectiously exciting. We played the San Francisco Giants and won the game 5 -- 1.

Hillarie, Javier, Annie, Chandra me:
Baseball ticket: $28.25
Parking: $15
Nachos: $8
Chocolate brownie ice cream: $5
The whole experience: priceless!


Tyler and Jen said...

I'm glad you got to go! Cardinals games are so fun! You can't live in St. Louis without becoming a fan of the Cards!

Kimbrough's in St. Louis said...

We were at that very same game!

Kimbrough's in St. Louis said...
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*Elizabeth* said...

I wish I could have come!! I love those nachos...but I have never had the meat on

Check out Chandra's new "do" - I love it.

PLUS a superman sighting - awesome.

What a blast - I love ball games!!

Laura said...

I wish we'd known you guys were going to the game, we would've loved to go with you! Maybe next time. I'm glad you had fun!

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