Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls nights and get-togethers

I love hosting get-togethers at my house every so often because it's fun to spend time with friends, and it's always a good excuse to make and eat good food!

A few weekends ago I had a girls night with some friends and we made some satin hair flower clips for our hair. It was my friend Elizabeth's idea after she found the instructions on a blog; here's the link:

Anyway, it was really easy and lots of fun. Here are sthen pictures of our results:

Then last Friday I had a "getting to know you" night where I invited a few gals from church over to get to know my sister Kristin since she is new in the area. Kristin made cream cheese basil bruschetta and a rocky road tart. Both were really delicious! We chatted until about 11:30 pm and it was so much fun to learn even more about our friends.

Tonight is my book group, which I'm really looking forward to, especially since Kristin made a homemade German chocolate cake. She gave me a little taste of the frosting she made and it was so good -- I can't wait to have a piece tonight!


*Elizabeth* said...

That night was so fun!! I am so glad we did it. I love the idea of the "get to know you night" for Kristin. How fun! You are quite the social butterfly ;)

Tyler and Jen said...

Thanks for planning the get to know you party! It was really fun!

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