Monday, November 22, 2010

My favorite names

A few posts back I wrote about motherhood and some of the things that make me a little sad since I'm not a mother. One of the things about not being a mother is not being able to name a child. Baby names is one of my favorite topics to talk about with people (especially my sisters) because it's fun to see what names they like, etc. I tend to like traditional names as opposed to ones that are super trendy or strange, but I know that what's trendy and/or strange to one person might not be strange to another. That being said, here's a list of some of my favorite names for girls and boys.
  • Kirstin/Kirsten: (pronounced Keer-stin) This has been one of my favorite girl names for a long time because I think it's so pretty.
  • Kate: I've also loved this name since I was a little girl. I remember watching the TV show Growing Pains and this was the name of Mike Seaver's girlfriend. (This is also the name of one of my nieces.)
  • Kristin: I know this is very close to Kristin, but I think it's a really pretty name, and it also happens to be the name of one of my sisters. (And it must be spelled with "in" and not "en!")
  • Rachel: I also have a niece with this name.
  • Alicia: I like this for a middle name, especially since this is my dear friend Lacee's middle name.
  • Julia/Julie
  • Leah
  • Teresa
  • Grace

  • Ben: Not Benjamin
  • Sam: Not Samuel
  • Adam: Although I love this name I would never use it because I've had two boyfriends named Adam, and I know I would never live it down!
  • Nathan: I had a crush on a boy named Nathan when I was in middle school and I've liked it ever since!
  • Christian: I really like this name, but I would probably never use it for fear that kids would deem it a "sissy" name and tease because of it.
  • Aidan: I've liked this name ever since I saw the movie The Ring (2002). I'd never heard it before at that time, but it definitely became very popular around that time, and now everyone is extremely familiar with that name.
  • Joshua
  • John/Jonathan
  • Anderson
  • James
  • Russell
  • Brenden
  • Andrew
  • Jackson (Jack)


*Elizabeth* said...

I love baby names too! Isn't is crazy that people get to name another human being. weird.

I also had a crush on a Nathan when I was a kid. Nathan McCammon. I want to name a boy that too - but I am pretty sure I will get teased. It is just a classic name.

I have a sister named Kristen too - only notice the spelling. So I prefer that spelling. Isn't it funny that once we know and love someone with a certain spelling, then that is what we usually prefer. So interesting.

I like really short and classic names. (my name is long and people always want to shorten it - but "liz" isn't my name and I don't really like it...) So I like the names Molly, Wendy, Jill, Lucy, etc...

Thanks for the fun post!

Kate said...

I feel so lucky to have my name on the list! But, they are all good names though. :)

Julie W said...

I happen to agree very much with the name Julie. :o)

Kendra said...

I have a Sam. And a Nathan. I kind of like those names. We were never able to agree on girls names so it's a good thing we have two boys!

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