Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving #2

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Since all of my family was away celebrating the holiday in other places, my mom, my youngest sister Chandra and I decided to have a low-key Thanksgiving with two of our friends. First, we have invited our friend Nathan. He's currently going to school in St. Louis and doesn't have any family close by, so he has spent the past two Thanksgivings with us.

Second, we invited our friend Larry. I first got acquainted with Larry in 2004 after I was well enough to come home to live after my accident. Larry worked for the company that supplied all of my medical equipment like my wheelchair, bed, etc. I've known Larry ever since and he's just a phone call away when I need my wheelchair adjusted, my bed look at or anything like that. When we invited Larry over for dinner he offered to fry a turkey and we eagerly agreed because we'd never had fried turkey before.

We had a great time eating and talking and I'm so glad that we had friends join us yesterday or our Thanksgiving would've felt a bit lonely. Here are some pictures of Larry frying our turkey:

Here are some other pictures from the day.
Classic Heather -- cold and covered with a blanket!:
Nate spent the night so that we could have a movie night. It was hard for us to settle on a movie, but we finally decided to watch Australia. At two hours and 45 minutes, it's a rather long movie, but it's one that I like, even though a lot of people think it's boring!

I feel so lucky to have been able to have two Thanksgivings this year. Celebrating holidays with family and friends is the best!


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