Thursday, January 20, 2011

Am I weird?!

I love watching movies, especially on my laptop because I can set them on fast-forward mode, so I get through the movie faster. You're still seeing the entire movie, it just plays a little faster than it normally would. (What would normally take 10 minutes to watch might only take 7 minutes, depending on how fast I have it set.) You're not missing anything, people just talk a little faster, walk a little faster, things like that.

My sister Chandra makes fun of me and laughs when she sees me watching a movie in fast-forward mode on my laptop. I have a perfectly logical reason why I do this, though. I'm a busy girl! I've got lots to do (including watching movies) and if I can shave say, 30 minutes off of a movie, then it's a win-win situation because I've been able to watch the entire movie I want to see, and I have the extra time that I've saved to do something else.

So my question is, am I weird, or am I just really good at managing my time?!


Annette said...

I have actually watched part of a movie forgetting that it was on a slow fast forward, so I don't think you are weird at all!

lindseymwolters said...

Good idea! I never heard of that before but will have to check it out as I don't normally watch movies until 9:30 after my kids are in bed so that would awesome to shave off some time

Kendra said...

I totally do that sometimes, too. I also read the end of the book first a lot, just to see what happens. Sometimes the anticipation kills me and I want to reach the ending first! Then, I'll back the movie up and rewatch the parts I missed. If it's any good, that is. I watched Letters to Juliette first half fast forwarded because it did take a while to get there, then once it was over I watched it all over again without fast forwarding because it was that good!

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