Monday, January 3, 2011

Post-Christmas blues!

My favorite day of the year is always Christmas Eve. The first few hours of Christmas are fun, too, but after all of the presents are opened, the rest of the day has a lackluster feel. The day after Christmas is one of the worst days of the year, in my opinion, because you realize that the thing you were so excited for and had so much anticipation for is over and won't come again for another 364 days.

I usually get a touch of the post-Christmas blues, but this year has been worse than normal because a few days after Christmas my sister Kristin's family left for California. The next day my sister Sharon and her family left to go back to Mississippi. Things are back to normal now, I guess, but I had gotten used to having Kristin's family living with us, so now things are too quiet, too clean, too boring and not nearly as exciting.


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