Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Something wonderful happened to me last night, but unfortunately it was only a dream and I woke up feeling disappointed. I was talking with one of my friends yesterday about something and it was no doubt part of the reason I dreamt this particular thing. I find dreams SO fascinating! Here are a few thoughts about dreams/dreaming that I want to share. Let me now if you can relate do any of these things:
  • Do people from your past – someone you haven't thought about in ages ever pop up in your dreams? (It might be a former teacher or classmate or someone you used to work with or babysit.) It could be someone you knew from just about anywhere that you haven't thought about in a long time. Sometimes I wake up after dreaming about someone long forgotten, and I think, "Whoa! Where did they come from?!"
  • Do you ever dream about someone you've never even met…real or made up? I have. I have had dreams where there might be a "character" who is someone I don't know. It makes me wonder how I can dream about someone I've never met, although I'm sure a dream expert might say that they represent someone. I've also had dreams about real people that I've never met. Anderson Cooper, for example. (And yes, I was truly asleep and not just daydreaming!) ;)
  • Do you ever dream about someone who is dead? I dream about my dad quite frequently. I know there isn't anything so strange about dreaming about a loved one who is deceased, but what IS weird is when my dad has just "come back to life" after being dead for more than 12 years. That's what seems so weird!
  • Do you ever dream that you are fighting with someone, and you actually feel angry with them when you wake up, even though you know you were just dreaming and they've done nothing wrong?
  • Sometimes I wake up from a dream, but when I fall back to sleep, I get sucked back into the same dream. Sometimes this happens three or four times where I keep going back to a dream, even when I've woken up several times during the night.
  • I think it's interesting when you're having some sort of nightmare where someone's chasing you with knives or when you're  involved in a war/combat-like dream.
  • It's also interesting how vivid a dream can be and how you remember it when you wake up, but the longer you're awake the less you remember. 
  • Everything always seems to make perfect sense in your dream, but when you wake up you realize that whatever it was you were dreaming about could never happen!
  • I'm usually not paralyzed in my dreams, but occasionally I am. I might be desperately trying to do something that I know I should be able to do, but my body won't cooperate, just like my real life paralysis.


Tiffany P said...

Most of those things happen to me, as well, and I've always wondered the same! Especially the one about getting sucked into the same dream over and over!

A fact that I once read in a book that studied the science of dreams: Each dream only lasts a couple of minutes, even though it sometimes feels as if one dream lasts the whole night. Also, we dream all throughout our sleep, but the only dream we remember is the dream we had right before we wake up (if you wake up multiple times in the night, even for a second, then you may remember multiple dreams)

Dreams are so weird...and so interesting! :)

jill said...

Hello Heather,

I just saw your comment on eighteen25 blog. It really touched my heart & made me tear up. I'm so grateful for your generosity & wanted you to know. I'm grateful for your sharing about your dad. Thank you.

Your blog is beautiful!


Tina said...

Hi Heather,

I also have the most vivid dreams. I always dream about my sister being alive. She died ten years ago.

I have had many dreams about people I was never friends with, but knew who they were.

It would be cool to know what all your dreams meant.

My worst dream I have quite frequently is all my teeth falling out. Yikes!

Your Utah Friend


Jen@Because I can said...

I just had a funny dream the other night! I've been re-reading The Hunger Games books and was on book 2 when they were making alliances and stuff and I dreamed about alliances that night and when Isaac came to my bed because his leg hurt, for a few seconds I was trying to remember if I had made an alliance with him and if I should be helping him or not! Dreams are crazy!

Kendra said...

Hi Heather, your blog always cheers me up and makes me smile. Thanks for writing it!

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