Wednesday, June 1, 2011

27 pics of me

Today is June 1, and since June is the month of my birthday I thought I would make my first blog post of June one in honor of my upcoming birthday. Here are 27 pictures of me through the years. The photo quality of the majority of the pictures isn't great, but  I think you'll be able to see who I am and how I've gotten to where I am in life by these pictures.
Heather in the nude! Look at that belly!
Taking a look out the window after my nap
Age 3
Even a picture of me in a swimming suit!
5th birthday
3rd grade
My sisters and me (2000). I'm the one in the red shirt
Working girl at the movie theater! My first (and only) job
Senior year
High school graduation – May 2002
With my Grandma and Grandpa Zimmerman
Working as an assistant manager at the movie theater
In Disney World with friends – May 2003
Fall 2003
Mom and me – October 2003
Thanksgiving day in 2003 – 10 days after my accident. It wasn't clear at that point whether I make it or not, but I hung in there and I'm still alive, just not kicking!
Doing better. I love this picture because it shows me at my worst, but things were getting better
Still smiling!
Me on my 20th birthday – June 2004
I love being an aunt! This is a picture of my niece Elizabeth and me from 2005
Celebrating the fifth anniversary of my accident – November 2008
Wheelchair race with my buddy, Bret – April 2009
Cardinals baseball game with friends – August 2010
at The Butterfly House – October 2010

Hooray for June! 


queenquad said...

hey heather!
i just got done checking out your profile and pictures and i must say you are a lovely woman inside as well as on the outside. i became a follower of your blog and would like to aask you to do the same for me. please go back to october and start at the beginnig of my blog and read "My Story Chapter One through Chapter 11"
thank you for finding me heather i hopewe become close friends,
Lori Ann
please use my comment box to answer my message, thanks


I enjoyed seeing the pictures. However, there seems to be a pretty big gap from 3rd grade to High School. Are you hiding something from us? ;)

Karen Mortensen said...

You started out beautiful and you still are beautiful. Have a happy birthday month.

Tina said...


I am so glad that I have come to know you, even if it is only through the blog. I hope I get a chance to meet you one day. You are truly spectacular.

Your Utah Friend,


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful month Heather! I MISS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! Love, Anonymous ;)

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