Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tooting my own horn

I want to share an experience that happened on Monday. My sister Laura comes over several afternoons a week to help my mom with my afternoon routine. Laura brings my 10-month-old niece Amy with her, and I love being able to see her so often because she is learning new things all the time. She's crawling like a champ these days and has also started cruising around and pulling herself up on any thing that she can grab onto. On Monday my mom and Laura were in the kitchen talking and Amy was on the prowl. She came into my room and it wasn't long before she had pulled herself up to a stand on my entertainment center.

If you know me, then you know two things about me: 1) I'm very particular about my things because I like everything just so and 2) my room is definitely not baby proof, as I've got lots of pretty things here and there that are breakable. It wasn't long before Amy had pulled something onto the floor and there was a crash and the sound of broken glass. Amy had pulled a candle holder onto the floor and one of the glass panels broke.

My sister Laura felt really bad and apologized profusely. I told her that although I really liked that candle holder that my mom had bought me for my 19th birthday, I loved Amy more, so it wasn't a big deal. I honestly didn't feel mad even for a second. Things are just things and it's not worth crying over spilled milk.

Who could be mad at this little lady?!


Karen Mortensen said...

She is adorable. I wouldn't get mad either.

Laura said...

I still feel bad. :( I'm glad you love little Amy so much, though! And I'll definitely be keeping a closer eye on the cute little terror.

Tina said...

Hi Heather,

Just checking in to say hi! Your niece has incredible blue eyes, WOW! What a cutie! Hey summer is here, which means lots of movies for lovers of cinema like you and me!

Take care!

Your Utah Friend,


Cinoda said...

Things are just "things", but nieces are priceless!

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