Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I know I've been "missing in action" the past few days and I appreciate the people who have contacted me making sure that everything is all right, but I promise I have some good excuses as to where I've been! First of all, I've been devoting just about all of my computer time trying to finish my 2011 Year in Review family slideshow that I make at the end of each year as a way to document what my family's been up to throughout the past year. This past Monday I opened my slideshow to put the finishing touches on it, and I was dismayed to find out that someehow the timing had gotten all messed up. Ugh! VERY frustrating, to say the least! SO, I've been furiously trying to do damage control and get my slideshow fixed so that I can still finish it up and get it ready to mail to my other family members so that they can still watch it by Christmas. I spent a good 6 – 8 hours on Monday alone fixing my slideshow, as well as several hours yesterday. I think I've pretty much gotten it back on track and I'm almost ready to say, "It's as good as it's going to get!"

I've also been extremely busy this week with a doctor's appointment, Christmas shopping, visits from friends, book club, etc. Then today my sister Laura went into labor and my mom and I spent a huge chunk of the day at the hospital with my sister. Laura's baby is my 17th niece/nephew, so you'd think that births/deliveries would be "old hat" by now, but since Laura is pretty much my only sister to have a baby here locally (except for one of my sisters who had a C-section in November of 2005) I've been anxiously awaiting her baby's arrival so that I could hopefully be at the delivery (so long as Laura didn't go into labor in the middle of the night). I've been praying the past few weeks asking the Lord to make things happen in a timeframe to where both my mom and I could be present for the delivery. The Lord always comes through for me and I was able to be there. It was so exciting! I don't have time to write about the whole experience tonight, but I will make a blog post about it very soon, so stay tuned!!

I hope all of you are well and I promise to write more soon!


Karen Mortensen said...

Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to hear about the baby. I saw my step-grandson be born. It was awesome.

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