Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung…

My sister Kristin sent me some pictures last week so that I could see how she'd decorated different parts of her house for Christmas. When I saw the homemade snowman stockings that she'd made hanging on her mantle I knew I had to make a post about it on my blog. Kristin is my dream girl! She's extremely talented and is pretty much a "Jack of all trades" as she is so good at so many different things. The snowman stockings are her own creations that she designed all by herself.


Laura said...


I LOVED hearing from you! YES, YES, and YES, I remember you little Bear! I had totally forgotten the diaper incident though, so you must not have done that bad of a job.

I love reading your mom's card each year too, and catching up on your sweet family! Your dad was one of my dad's friends and I will never forget your mom's dedication to you girls and her seminary classes. She is amazing, and so are each of her daughters! :)

I love when I discover new blogs where I can follow the lives of those I can't see everyday. It makes me feel like we really are close friends sharing our lives!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family, and give your mom a hug from Laura!


Tina said...



Your Utah Friend,


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