Monday, July 15, 2013

Art Museum and Shopping

Last Wednesday my mom and Sharon took the kids to the art museum. St. Louis has so many great qualities, including tons of free attractions, including the art museum. (St. Louis has the most free attractions of any city in the country, after Washington DC).
There was some really neat modern art...
as well as some classics, like Monet's "Water Lilies."
Going to the art museum has been on my list of things to do for a while because I've only been there twice (once for a fifth grade field trip, and another time with a friend when I was 17). This is definitely a place I can still go since it's completely wheelchair accessible, so I hope to make this happen in the not too distant future.

The reason I didn't join in on this trip to the museum is because my friend Debby came over to highlight my hair. I used to get my hair highlighted all the time, but I stopped doing it about 18 months ago. I'm getting more silver hairs all the time (I guess I'm just following in the footsteps of my mother and grandfather!). I'd like to have hair like my mom's some day because hers is so pretty (the reason why I stopped highlighting my hair), but I've missed getting it done and I decided that I'm not ready to go there quite yet. So when my friend Debby (who I really trust since she's been doing hair for 25 years) told me that she thinks my hair would look even better with some highlights, that's all the push I needed and I said, "let's do it!" We did it last Wednesday and it turned out great.

Last Thursday Sharon, Chandra and I went to the mall. Sharon lives in a small town and the closest mall is two hours away, so she always enjoys going shopping when she visits since we have some decent malls relatively close by. We took her two oldest girls Elizabeth and Kate with us since they really wanted to go with the "big girls." We had so much fun together, especially at Sephora. I needed to make a quick stop to pick up some more makeup, but the quick trip soon turned into a longer one since we got carried away playing with the makeup. I love stores like this where they let you experiment with the makeup, especially since it's so expensive.

After when we were finished at Sephora, we went to New York & Company; one of my most favorite stores. I actually didn't see anything that I wanted this time (which is first!), but that's okay because I was looking with Sharon in mind. She found a couple of things and was able to use my "$25 off a $50 purchase" coupon, so she got a great deal.
Above is a picture of Sharon and me, plus a picture of her two oldest kids. Elizabeth (in purple) and  Kate (in pink).


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