Monday, July 15, 2013

Track and Bob's

Last Monday morning my mom, Sharon and I took the kids over to the high school to show them around and check out the changes/improvements that have been made to the school in recent years. The asphalt track and grass football field that existed in the days when my sisters and I went to school there have now been replaced by a rubber track and astroturf field (both very nice!). It was a hot day and Rach and Matt weren't having it and started melting down almost immediately, so we only made it around the track once before calling it quits. On to our next destination…
After our hot, quarter-mile walk, we went to Bob's Drive-In for an ice cream cone. Bob's is a tiny place where you just stand at a window to order. It's been around for more than 50 years and is a place with sentimental value to my family and me. We used to live in the subdivision behind it, and I remember occasionally going there as a child to get a treat. My friend's parents own the place, and I actually worked there part-time the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I didn't work a lot of hours since I worked most days at the movie theater, but it was always fun (I especially enjoyed working the grill). :)
The cold ice cream hit the spot, as well as the shade and fans under the awning. The kids had a lot of fun, so I'm glad we could make the track/Bob's one of our outings
Even though Bob's is a tiny place, they really have a huge menu where you can get a lots of things to eat from burgers to sandwiches to interesting things (like fried okra and fried mushrooms) to tons of different desserts. It might be hard to see, but here's a picture of the menu:
Bob's was recently renovated and the "new and improved" Bob's is really nice:


Julie said...

The food sounds lovely, especially the puddings:) (Desserts) I noticed there are desserts called concretes, I've never heard of them - what are they?

I know how those 2 little ones felt about being hot. It's really hot in the uk at the moment & I'm not coping with it all!!!

Julie said...

P.S. The shaved Ice sounds nice too - perfect for a hot day:)

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