Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pink Stargazer Lilies

My sister recently received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I was mighty jealous because they were gorgeous! The arrangement was 12 big roses with lots of pink stargazer lilies. (Pink stargazer lilies are my favorite flower!) I asked Chandra where she was going to put her flowers and she said out on the kitchen table. I spend most of my time in my bedroom and wouldn't have been able to even SEE the flowers from my room, so I asked her if we could put them in MY room. She obliged me and thought it was a good solution since the three of us spend lots of time in my room, so it was a place where we'd all be able to enjoy them.

I asked Chandra to take a photo shoot with the flowers to document their beauty. These pictures were taken four days after she received them. I wanted to take the pictures right away to catch the flowers in their prime, but I waited a few days because there were several buds on the lilies that I was hoping would bloom. SO, some of the roses are a little past peak perfection, but they still look really nice.


Julie said...

Wow, what lovely flowers - they are so pretty. I especially like the roses.

That was kind of Chandra to put them in your room, that way you could all see them more:)

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