Monday, July 1, 2013

Being a Believer

I believe in God and always have. My belief in God has only expanded/strengthened since my accident. I have a greater understanding of who God is and how He is intimately involved in every detail of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Through God all things are possible. I'm so grateful that I know this. We're living in a scary world, and I cannot imagine trying to wade through the challenges of life without the knowledge that there is a God and that He loves His children.

I always appreciate when people acknowledge God and give thanks to Him for the blessings in their life, especially when it's someone famous or well-known. It seems like many celebrities use their status and popularity for superficial, self-serving purposes which is unfortunate since I feel like "to whom much is given, much is required." If someone is blessed enough to have the fame and wealth that goes along with being a "celebrity," then I think they have an obligation to use their rank/distinction for greater purposes.

Sometimes I get the sense that people who have a strong belief in God are often looked down upon or are viewed as "weak" when it comes to the media. It's almost as if people who believe are ridiculed for the things that they do/don't do. I don't think anyone should be criticized or made fun of for believing. I'm always impressed when I hear about a star who knows who is responsible for the source of their blessed life.

Tyler Perry is a celebrity that I find so refreshing. His humble, forgiving nature is remarkable in and of itself, especially when you compare his nature to many of the popular stars of our time. I'm not trying to put every celebrity into the same box and say that they're all superficial, worldly people who only think of themselves/don't believe in God, but let's be honest... a lot of them are like that! It seems as if someone like Tyler who gives to others and acknowledges the hand of the Lord in all things is much more rare than common in the Hollywood scene.
I saw this short blurb on Tyler Perry's Facebook page yesterday and I thought it was great. No, it's not perfectly written, but the sentiment of the message is really powerful. Remembering where you've come from and what you've experienced in life really helps keep you grounded and down-to-earth, especially when you've had a life as challenging as Tyler's early life. In his own words:


I have lived in this house for almost 7 years and today it hit me. I mean this blew my mind. 

I went to my kitchen cabinet today, got a glass, poured some water in it, and drank it. I realized in that moment that I am no longer afraid to open my kitchen cabinets. 

It brought tears to my eyes. Ok, before you think I'm crazy let me tell you why. When I was a little boy I wouldn't dare take a glass out of the cabinet and drink from it without washing it first. The roaches had crawled all over them and the rats would leave droppings all around them. It was bad. I hated going into our kitchen, especially at night. It was scary. When I turned on the light there was no telling what I would see. Rats bigger than shoes, roaches everywhere. I remember being afraid to open the kitchen drawers because mice would jump out and run, and we really tried to keep it clean. So you know from a boy to a man I carried some of that fear with me. So to think that I have been taking glasses out of these cabinets for years, and opening my kitchen drawers without fear is a blessing. Being able to turn the lights on in the kitchen at night and not be ready to run... I’m telling you God is good. Now I know some of y'all are not going to be able to appreciate this. But to all of us who came from it, you know what I'm talking about. And to all of y'all who don't get it, I thank God you didn't grow up that way. And to the ones who may still be there right now, I'm going to tell you what I know to be true. Through faith anything is possible. You can go as high as you want in this life. What God has done for me and so many others, He can do for you. Only believe. ONLY BELIEVE. 

Great insight and "well said!"


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