Thursday, July 4, 2013

North West

I've been busy lately, so I'm a little late making this post and it's probably considered "old news" by now, but here goes anyway. Kim Kardashian gave birth to her and Kanye West's baby girl last month on June 15. A name wasn't released right away and there was lots of speculation on what the baby would be named. Would they follow suit and give the child a name starting with the letter 'K' like the rest of the Kardashian women: mom, Kris, and sisters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie (and father, Kanye, too)?

A few weeks after the baby was born it was reported that the baby's name was Kadence, with a middle name of Donda (after Kanye's mother who died last year). I really can't stand the name Cadence/Kadence! (Sorry to anyone out there who is named Cadence, or named their daughter that!) At least it's an actual name, though, and not something bizarre like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter), Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Gillette's daughter) or Kal-El (Nicolas Cage's son)!
A few days after the named Kadence was released I learned that that wasn't the baby's name, after all. I was excited at first, and felt a sense of relief that the little girl wasn't going to be subjected to the name Kadence for the rest of her life, but things went from bad to worse when I heard Piers Morgan say that the "official" name was actually North… North West, or "Nori" for short. I didn't want to believe that they would actually name their baby North West, but the report sounded pretty credible. I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised, though, because it seems like some celebrities choose some pretty unconventional names for their children in attempts to "one up" the celebrity that's currently holding the distinction of having the kid with the most eccentric name.

I thought this picture with a tweet that says "Wouldn't it be ironic if when North West goes to school her report cards say 'Has trouble following directions'?" was humorous, as well as this graph ranking celebrity's social statuses with the craziness level of what they've named their children.
When I first heard about Kim Kardashian choosing the name North West, my first thought (after "that poor child!") was that it would be funny if her middle name were "by North" so that her full name would be North "by North" West (in reference to the Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest). I guess I wasn't the only one to make this connection since I saw this picture on the Internet when I was looking for pictures to include in this post.
One thing I know for sure is that Prince William and Princess Kate will choose a much more traditional/conservative name for their baby. (Call me old-fashioned, but I just like classic/normal-sounding names!) The "Royal Baby" is due any day now, which I'm looking forward to, so stay tuned for a Royal Baby blog post coming soon!


Julie said...

I find the name North West really strange & the names that other celebs call their children.

David Beckham named his & Victoria's 1st son Brooklyn, after where he was conceived! I think they did that with another one too.

I'm looking forward to William & Kate's baby soon. When they first announced Harry's name Henry I didn't like it (still don't) but they've always called him Harry.

If they have a girl I'm sure they'll include the name Diana. I bet William misses her a lot at the moment.

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