Thursday, January 2, 2014

Decorating the Tree

We didn't put our Christmas tree up this year until December 22. Putting up the Christmas tree is not something my mom enjoys doing since she would have to do it by herself, so she said she wasn't going to do. Mom works hard taking care of me and running the household, so I completely understood her feelings of not wanting another thing to have to do.

My sister Sharon said that she wasn't going to put up a Christmas tree at her house, either, since her family was coming here for Christmas and that meant that there were only three weeks from Thanksgiving until they'd be leaving to come here. She still put some decorations around the house, but she just didn't want to mess with the tree, much to her kids' disappointment. Mom and Sharon came up with the bright idea to put up our tree at my mom's house when they arrived. This was a win-win situation because the kids would still able to put up/help decorate a tree and my mom didn't have to do it all by herself.

We set up the tree and decorated it after church the following day. The kids were so excited, especially my three-year-old nephew, Matt. It was fun to watch the kids' excitement. The excitement of children is truly what makes Christmas "Christmas."
Emi was napping when we decorated the tree, so she had to check it out when she woke up. It was cute to watch her explore it,, and she was really good about not getting into it.
Who knew a rope could be so much fun? Matt, that's who!
Sarah showing off her paper bag nativity that she made in church, and Elizabeth posing in front of the tree.
Chandra found some ribbon and delighted the little girls by making them bows for their hair. We don't have a tree topper, so she also made a makeshift bow for the top of the tree.
Putting the tree up as a family was a lot of fun, so I think it would make a fun tradition to do this in the future.


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