Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Never Too Old For a Snow Day!

I love snow and always have, so I'm always excited when snow was in the forecast. I started hearing about a big snowstorm last week and I tried not to get my hopes up since things often have a way of changing or fizzling out. But as the weekend drew near the chance of snow held steady, and I was excited.

This was one of the weather maps from my area. I live in Jefferson County, MO, and I put a  black dot with a line coming out of it to show where I live (close to the center of the picture where the two states come together). 
Pictures of the snow coming down on Sunday morning. There was lots of snow to shovel! Church was canceled, which was fun. You're never too old for a snow day, in my opinion!
These pictures are from yesterday, about 48 hours after the snow. The second picture is of my neighbor's evergreen trees covered in snow. I have a great view of them from my window (which is the big window on lower level of my house, by the way). I love evergreen trees covered in snow!
The next three pictures are of my street. Even now as I write this three days later, the street is still covered with snow. It's kind of unusual to have it stick around on the pavement that long, but I guess that's because the temperatures have been so cold. (The high temperature on Monday was -3°F and the wind chill was -20°F below; the coldest temps since 1989.)
This snowstorm arrived just a few days late. My nieces and nephew from Mississippi were hoping for snow the entire time they were here. We kept saying how fun it would be for them to get snowed in. We got about an inch of snow the night before they left to go home. When the kids saw the snow the next morning they were sure they were snowed in. Sadly, it wasn't enough to prevent them from going. Fortunately, I will be seeing them again in just two months!


Joseph & Annette said...

From the look of those pictures, you could be living in Syracuse, NY. That is a common sight around our house with all of the snow and the way the street looked. Want to move?

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

If I were to move to snow country, it would be to Minnesota. Snow days bring out the kid in me!

Jess said...

I try to have a snow day every year!

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