Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Words to Younger Self

One of my friends recently posted something on Facebook that made me think. This is what it was:
Lots of people commented with the two words that they would say to their younger. Some of them were funny and some of them were sad, but they were all very interesting Here's some of the ones I liked: 

don't settle  –  love yourself  – quit smoking  –  leave sooner  –  save money –  be present
don't stress  –  walk away  –  you're worthy  –  you CAN  –  be confident  – use sunscreen   
stop worrying  –  keep singing  –  choose wisely  – stay pure  –  enjoy NOW  –  accept help   trust God  –  pay attention  –  just relax  –  you matter  –  buy Apple  –  family first 
 fear not  –  stop eating  –  just breathe  –  have faith  –  finish college  –  it ends

I was thinking about what two words I would say to my younger self. There are SO many things I could say, but I think mine would be "Be better." There are many situations in my life that I look back on with a twinge of sadness or regret where I wish I would've been better than I was. "Be better" is the simplest way to say, "try a little harder to do and be better."
I think is a great question and it's interesting to hear what people come up with. So, what would you say to your younger self in only two words? If you care to share, leave me a comment with your two words. I'd love to hear what you have to say!


Elyse said...

Slow down or be present. I wanted to be a grown up so bad, and now that it's here it isn't all it's cracked up to be...lol

Renea Taylor said...

College education

Kathe said...

love more

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