Thursday, January 9, 2014

Elizabeth's 13th Birthday

My niece Elizabeth turned 13 on December 27. I love that her birthday is just two days after Christmas because it means that I've gotten to spend many of her birthdays with her over the years. (This is a treat because I rarely get to celebrate my nieces and nephews birthdays with them.)

Elizabeth really wanted to see Catching Fire, so Sharon, Elizabeth, Kate, Chandra and I went to see it in the afternoon on Elizabeth's birthday. The movie was really good; just as good as the first, if not better. It was fast-paced, so it kept our interest even though it was  hours long. Sharon thought that the movie might have been a little too intense for the girls in some spots, but they both said they loved it and were glad they got to see it.
Make a wish! Elizabeth had a chocolate chess pie for her birthday treat.
After dinner we gathered in the family room to open presents.
Chandra gave Elizabeth two boxes of earrings. Each with 20 different pairs! (A 13-year-old's dream!)
I bought Elizabeth a cosmetics bag and put some make-up in it. (NOT that she really needs it since she still has the fresh, youthful complexion that kids are blessed with, but it's just fun.)
My mom bought Elizabeth one of those rainbow looms (for making bracelets) that are ever so popular right now and a big bag of 1500 colored rubber bands. Elizabeth broke it out that night and started making bracelets right away. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to make different styles of bracelets, so Elizabeth had fun watching different videos to learn new patterns to try. I would've loved this sort of thing as a little girl!
Elizabeth got a new set of scriptures and The House of Hades (the fourth book in the Heroes of Olympus book series).
Rachel and Sarah:
The birthday girl and me, and then a picture of Chandra and Joe.


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