Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quadruple Birthday

Last Sunday Emily Scrugham and Peter Dunn welcomed their new baby boy, Ryan, into the world. He has three older siblings (five-year-old brother, Sam and two-year-old twin sisters, Brooke and Nicole). Remarkably, they ALL share the same birthday. That's right, they were all born on January 12! The odds of a quadruple birthday happening were 1:133225... so it's pretty amazing!
Emily (mom) said: "I really can't believe we have another birthday on the same day -- it certainly wasn't planned." (None of the births were due on January 12. Sam was two weeks late, the twins one month early and Ryan three days late.)

I can't imagine being only 22 and having four kids under the age of five! Emily and Peter sure have their hands full, but I'm sure it's extremely rewarding (just look at the smiles on these sweet faces!).


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