Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog in hard cover

Several posts back I wrote about reaching my "one year anniversary of blogging" at the end of July. I usually write several posts a week, so I thought it would be nice to print off my blog and make a book. I originally was going to copy and paste all of my blog postings to a Word document and have it printed at Kinko's. I wrote about my plan on my blog, but one of my followers gave me a tip about a website called where you can type in your blog address, and then all of your posts are automatically uploaded to their website and they will print your blog into a book. If you're a regular follower of my blog, then you know how much I enjoy documenting my life. I thought having my blog printed into a book would be a great way to help document.

This website is really straightforward and easy to use. There were a couple of things that I wished I could've changed (like the font, and I wish I could've deleted/moved pictures), but over all I liked it. My book cost almost $75 because it had 155 pages and I chose to do a hard cover, but in my opinion it was well worth it. (Books start at $14.95 for a 20 page, softcover book, by the way.)

My book arrived last Tuesday and it looks even better then I thought it would! I was a little worried that it might not be worth the money, but it definitey was and I'm glad I did this!


Mandy Coffey said...

You don't know me, we've never met... I'm your sister Annette's sister in law (Jonathan's wife) and when i was put on bedrest during my pregnancy Annette gave me your blog URL to help keep me entertained (it worked by the way and i really enjoy reading your blog)... ANYWAY- thanks for posting this! I often think about that, blogs that i read often, i wonder "what would it take to make this into a book for this person?" because some blogs (like yours) really are good, and worth keeping longer than the internet URL will allow! :) Glad you got it done. And that price isn't bad at all! I've done books on shutterfly, blurb, walgreens, walmart and snapfish before and they are $20 for 20 pages and $1 every page after that! So that is a great price!

Loretta Valenta said...

YAY Heather! How exciting that is for you! I did a blog book with my first 4 months of my blog (Sept-Dec 2008) and plan to do it every 6 months after (I had a LOT of post with Tim's cancer diagnosis and treatment)but have not done them yet. What a great way to preserve your story!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

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