Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dirty laundry

Sometimes my mom watches Kristin's and Scott's four boys so that they can go out in the evening and have a date together. It works out well, especially since Kristin and Scott are living with us and Mom is able to watch the kids while still being able to keep an eye on me in case I happen to need something.

Kristin and Scott's youngest son Aaron is eight months old, which isn't really old enough to understand why his parents aren't around, but IS old enough to miss them! Sometimes he gets lonely after his older brothers go to bed, and he will start to cry even if my mom is holding him because he's lonely and misses his parents -- especially his daddy. He's quite a daddy's boy, and he usually spends the evening with his dad while his dad works on his computer, watches TV and things like that. When Aaron gets lonely and starts to fuss and cry, sometimes my mom will get one of Scott's "dirty" shirts and will wrap Aaron up in it. It's amazing how this helps to calm Aaron down, and will even put him to sleep. It's a great trick when the "real thing" isn't around.

(To clarify, when I say "dirty," I just mean a shirt that Scott has worn, but that hasn't been laundered yet -- not an actual stinky shirt!)


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