Saturday, October 29, 2011

America's Favorite Pastime

Thursday night was game six of the World Series. The Texas Rangers were a game ahead of St. Louis Cardinals (they were leading three games to two), so it was do or die time for the Cards. As I've stated several times, I love the Cardinals, but I don't follow them closely (or at all) until they make it to the postseason. Truth be told, the Cardinals really didn't have that impressive of a season. At the end of August the Cardinals were 10½ games behind. I don't know how they did it, but by the skin of their teeth they managed to win enough of the playoff games to make it into the World Series!

Many of the games were downright painful to watch as the Cardinals made errors right and left, blowing the chances they had. The game on Thursday night was no exception. The game was brutal and exciting to watch at the same time! I can honestly say it was the most exciting game of baseball I've ever watched, and it was probably one of the most exciting comebacks in baseball history! The game was SO intense! It was hard to take!

Let me try to recap how things went down In the ninth inning the Rangers were leading, 7-5. All hope had seemed lost when it was the bottom of the ninth and there were two outs and two strikes. We were in serious peril with only one strike left. Our life was on the line and I can't even remember what happened, but we were able to save our fannies and tie things up, sending us into overtime.

In the top of the 10th inning the Rangers hit a two-run homerun, once again giving them the upper hand. Again, all hope seemed lost! Our backs were up against the wall, but we miraculously managed to tie things up once again making the score 9-9. This sent us into an 11th inning. Fortunately we managed to make it through the top of the 11th without the Rangers scoring. Now if only the Cardinals could score ONE run, then we could win the game and keep our dreams for a World Series victory alive. Well, David Freese to the rescue! He managed to hit homerun which ended the game with a final score of 10-9 in favor of the Cardinals. Hallelujah!! It truly was the comeback of a lifetime!

David Freese's walk-off home run:
Talk about a nail-biter! It's a good thing I'm paralyzed or my nails would've been bitten down to the quick! This game shows why they say "it's not over til it's over" in baseball! The game was SO EXHILARATING! It was awesome watching the game with my mom, and it's definitely something I'll remember for a long time! 
(I was REALLY hoping the Cards would win game 6, even if they didn't and up winning the World Series in the long run, just to keep things exciting.)

I was really pumped for the final game of the World Series last night. I was glad that the Rangers and Cardinals had each won three games because it made for a really exciting game seven. The Cardinals won with a final score of 6-2. Who would've thought a few months ago that the Cardinals would be the world champions?!!

I'm so proud of the Cardinals and I can't help but feel so proud to be from St. Louis!


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