Monday, October 24, 2011

Kind Words

In September I wrote about Mikiko, a woman from Japan who contacted me after finding my blog. Mikiko was in a car accident when she was 15 and has been paralyzed for the past 20 years. She and I have been exchanging messages for the past few months. It's been fun finding out more about her, and I'm still in awe that someone living on the other side of the world found my blog, read my posts and decided to contact me to tell me that my words had inspired and uplifted her.

I got this message from Mikiko a few days ago:

Hello Heather. How are you? You know, I have been in a wheelchair for over 20 years. Long time. I had believed that a person having more disability means a person more worthless. I was always thinking if I couldn't do anything for others, then what was the reason I am living for. I thought about registering at the marrow bank, but I found out that they only want the marrow from a healthy person. then really maybe I am just worthless. But I met you, and knew I was totally so wrong!!! I was so helped from you. and so many people who never have really met you are too. now my thinking has been changed. there must be something I can do for others. I still have to find what it is.

I am not good at writing like you. not only because of english. I am not good at it. so I can't explain exactly what I want to tell you. so I am very sorry if I offend you. I don't mean anything bad to you at all. I just want to tell you how much I am impressed. so I hope you don't take it wrong.

I responded with this message: Hello Mikiko! Don't you worry about offending me! I was not at all offended by what you said, in fact I was deeply touched and it made me really happy. You most certainly are NOT worthless! You are just as wonderful and precious in God's eyes as any other person, whether they are able-bodied or disabled. Please don't forget that! I think one of the biggest things that someone disabled like us can do to bless the lives of others is to just be happy and smile. I know that being happy seems like such a small, simple and insignificant thing, but I think it really shows other people that if WE can be happy while living a disabled life, then THEY can surely be happy. Does that make sense? I think a lot of times people get stuck in a state where they start feeling sorry for themselves and they start to lose sight of all of the things in their life that are blessings, and they start to take a lot of things for granted. I think it's important to always try to find SOMETHING to be grateful for, even if our lives aren't perfect or the way we hope/wish they were.

If you know me, then you know that I cringe inside when people associate the "I" word (inspiration/inspiring) with me. I'm not trying to do anything above and beyond or over the top with my life, but I am trying to show others that it IS possible to be happy while experiencing adversity or other challenging situations. Things could always be worse! So, if people feel inspired by my example and strive to be a little more positive, grateful and happy, then so be it.


Tina said...


If I ever get the chance to meet you, I am going to give you a big hug. I know you have inspired more people than you think, including me.

Love Your Utah Friend,


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, A long time lurker here. My question is unrelated to this blog post: What car were you driving when you had your accident? Thanks.

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