Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be So Happy

After my life-changing car accident I decided that I was going to be happy, no matter what. Even though my life had taken a drastic turn that most people would find hard to live with without getting discouraged or depressed, I made it my resolve to be happy even though my nice, normal life was over. I can't say that everyday's been a breeze, but overall, I think I've been really successful at maintaining a positive attitude and happy outlook.

I recently saw this quote on 'Pinterest' and I loved it because it sums up to a T what I've been trying to do these past eight years since my accident. I've just never been eloquent enough to phrase it in such a wonderful, concise way.

Have you ever been around someone that's a "downer?" If you have, then you know how emotionally exhausting it can be to be around someone that's constantly complaining about life. I definitely think a person's disposition can be contagious for better or worse and have an effect on the way others feel. That's why I always try to have a positive energy about me so that people don't come away from interacting with me with a gloomy feeling. I want to have an effect on people, "the Heather effect," if you will, where I make people feel happy. (And if possible, maybe even just a little bit brighter than they were before we interacted.)


Tina said...

You have this effect on me Heather, and I have never met you.


Your Utah Friend,


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