Monday, January 9, 2012

What's in a Name?

Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, had a baby this past Saturday. What did they name the baby? Blue Ivy. Weird! That poor baby! (It's a girl, by the way, not that you could really tell by the name.) I guess it probably won't matter that the name is quite unusual since the baby is basically music "royalty" considering who her parents are. But still, Blue Ivy? It sounds like the name of an exotic plant, not the name of a baby, no matter how famous her parents are! She IS famous, though, which is fortunate for her since weird celebrity baby names seem to be more accepted/expected nowadays since these celebrities are in a league of their own. All I have to say is, "Good luck, baby Blue!"  
Other celebrity baby names that are rather eccentric:

Gwyneth Paltrow's kids, Apple and Moses
Nicolas Cage's son, Kal-el and
David Duchovny's son, Kyd
Jessica Alba's daughters, Honor and Haven
Julia Roberts' twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel
Jason Lee's son, Pilot Inspektor
Mariah Carey's twins, Monroe and Moroccan
I'm definitely a traditionalist when it comes to names. I like names that sound like actual "people" names, instead of names of colors, foods, places or objects. I'm always left scratching my head when I hear of someone that's had a baby and they've saddled them with a horribly bizarre name that's going to set them apart for the rest of their life. I can understand wanting something kind of unique so that there aren't five other kids in the same kindergarten class with the same first name, but I think some parents take the name thing to an extreme, especially when they combine two relatively normal names to make one weird name, or they spoil a normal name with an odd spelling (where the child will constantly have to be spelling their name).

I'm so glad I had sensible parents who gave me a nice, normal name!


Karen Mortensen said...

I am glad my parents did the same thing. I just did a post about this same thing because my husband's niece just had a baby boy and named him Walls. (it is after the dad's favorite surfing wave)
My SIL has a niece with 5 kids named, Rivka(?) Hosanna, Zion, Jude and Calvary. The first 2 and the last ones are girls.

Jen@Because I can said...

So with you one the names! My mom just shared a Christmas card she got and the kids names are Taya, Scyrus and Tytan (???). And my sister teaches a girl whose name is Buxby-Brinkley and her siblings are Cosmo and Link.

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