Monday, January 16, 2012

Brett's Birthday and Baby David

Today was my brother-in-law Brett's birthday, so Laura, Brett and their kids came over for a late lunch/early dinner. We ate Papa John's pizza and Laura made "heaven and hell" cake for Brett's birthday cake. This was a recipe that Laura had recently found on Pinterest's website that she'd been wanting to try. It had four layers of cake – two layers of devil's food cake and two layers of angel food cake (hence the heaven and hell), along with peanut butter mousse between each layer of cake with a chocolate ganache coating that covered the outside of the cake. (Doesn't sound like there are any calories in the cake, right?!) The cake definitely had an interesting texture since angel food cake is a soft/spongy cake, but it was really good (especially with the peanut butter mousse).

Pictures of Amy and the birthday boy, Brett, along with the sinfully delicious cake:
Here are some pictures of baby David who will be four weeks old on Wednesday. It's hard for me to visibly notice David's changes since I see him so often, but I know he's grown and filled out. So much has happened in the past month and it seems like David's been here a lot longer than just four weeks! I love kissing his velvet soft cheeks and breathing in his wonderful "baby scent"! All I can say is that my little Davey Jones (that's what I call him) is a definite keeper!


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