Saturday, January 14, 2012

Secret Crush ;)

At the risk of making myself sound really dumb, I'll let you in on a little secret… I have a huge crush in a non-romantic way on a certain silver haired, blue-eyed journalist with the initials AC! If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know how much I adore Anderson Cooper! He and I go way back. I first became acquainted with Anderson in 2001 when he was the host of a TV show I liked called The Mole. (Anyone remember that show?!) Anderson only hosted The Mole for the first two seasons and then he left the show. (I can only assume it was to do something a little more important, like cover breaking news for CNN.)

After my accident I started watching lots of TV since my days were now free since I was no longer working or going college. One of my favorite shows to watch in the morning was (and still is) Live with Regis and Kelly (now just Live with Kelly, as Regis has since retired). When Regis would have a day off, different celebrities or other TV personalities would fill in for the day as a guest cohost. Anderson filled in for Regis many times over the years, and I always loved it when he would cohost the show with Kelly. (They have a great chemistry and it was always so fun to watch them interact.)

Over the years I've been getting progressively more and more interested in world news because I enjoy being well-informed and up on current events. I love getting my news from Anderson and I spend a lot of evenings watching Anderson's CNN show, AC 360°. If there's breaking news to be had, I want to get it from Anderson. He must have his own opinions about things since it's a natural thing for a person to have opinions, but you never know where Anderson stands on the issues because he's always so wonderfully unbiased and just reports the facts.

Anderson has many different sides to him. On one hand he's the serious journalist that you see on the front lines covering wars and disasters for CNN. Then there's his caring side where he shows his heart, compassion and empathy for others as he helps people tell their stories. I love it when he's interviewing someone and they're being unfair or less than truthful. Anderson's not afraid to ask tough questions and he doesn't back down. But what you might not guess about Anderson is that he's incredibly funny. Anderson almost always ends his serious AC 360° with a segment called "the RidicuList" which pokes fun at something or someone that's made it into the news (usually for a funny or unflattering reason). Anderson's delivery of the RidicuList is always so well done and so hilarious that I just can't help but crack up.

Here are my two favorite RidicuLists from the past few months. Take a look and see firsthand what I'm talking about!

I wonder what I have to do to get Anderson to come meet me?!! I don't have any desire to be on TV (although I do think I'm pretty interesting and would make a fascinating story), but if that's what I have to do to meet Anderson, then so be it!


Melissa said...

The way Anderson giggles is hilarious! I was laughing just because of the way he laughs! He is pretty cute (in a non-romantic kind of way, of course). :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I watch a lot of TV also...I faithfully watch Kelly now. I hope you get to meet Anderson

Colleen said...

The ridiculist is the best!
Maybe a concise and handwritten letter from your Mom and family would do the trick...then 1st class mail or even a telegram!

Keep on going girl!

Kim Bundy said...


I am the mom of Will Bundy, who was at Shepherd when you were. We have been exchanging Christmas cards ever since, and it has been nice keeping up with you. I noticed in the last one that you've started this blog, which is so well written! Love your positive attitude about life!!

Take care,

Kim Bundy

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