Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Q-bomb

Before my accident I used to love Quiznos. Don't get me wrong, I still do, but I haven't had a toasty sub from Quiznos in at least two or three years. A long hiatus like this would've been unimaginable torture eight years ago when I was a frequent patron of Quiznos, but now I guess I've weaned myself from Quiznos' addictive powers. I'm actually almost embarrassed to admit how often I used to eat there at the risk of making myself sound like a glutton, but that just lets you know how much I adored it! (For the record, I used to eat there at least twice a week, but sometimes even three or four times!) A toasty sub could always cheer me up or make a good day even better!

My top three favorite sandwiches of all time at Quiznos were the turkey, ranch and Swiss, the honey bacon club and the roasted turkey on Rosemary Parmesan bread with red bell pepper sauce. Mmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I was ecstatic when a Quiznos opened 5 minutes away from my house in 2004, but it only stayed open about 18 months. It was truly a sad day when it closed! It wasn't that I was still eating there several times a week, but it was just nice to know that when the inevitable Quiznos hankerings came I could send my mom, sister or one of my friends on a Quiznos run.

Is it just me, or does Quiznos not seem as popular anymore? Maybe it's because I never see TV commercials for it anymore, or that a few of the Quiznos restaurants in my area have closed, or maybe because I don't eat out very often anymore, but I just haven't heard anything about Quiznos in quite some time. Sad!

One of my friends that I went to Quiznos with most often nicknamed Quiznos "the Q-bomb," so that's what we affectionately referred to it as. I still think it's a fitting name. Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately for my waistline) the nearest Quiznos is a good 20 minutes away. Maybe I'll have to remedy my long absence from Quiznos some time soon, because it's been way too long!


Colleen said...

Our family owned Quizno's went out too! Subway and Jimmy John's are what's popular now. I used to love Q's French Dip! Here's to the sandwhich lovers! Have a great day.

*Elizabeth* said...

They just did a story on NPR this morning about Quizno's. It is near banckruptcy I could look up the story on their website. I thought it was perfect timing since you wrote this yesterday!

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