Monday, June 21, 2010

Vera Bradley

When my sister Sharon was visiting a few weeks ago she showed me her new purse that she'd recently bought. I immediately loved it, and I wanted to know who made it and where she got it! She told me that it was a Vera Bradley bag, and she said that she'd bought it at a little boutique, although you can buy them online. The next day I got on my computer so that I could peruse the Vera Bradley website. I was amazed at the number of styles of handbags and totes that were available on the website, not to mention the beautiful fabrics that each style came in.

(Not only can you buy beautiful purses, but there are tons of accessories that you can buy like cosmetic bags in different sizes, sunglasses, checkbook covers, wallets in varying shapes and sizes and things like that.)

After looking at the website for about an hour (it was a highly addicting website!), I chose a style of purse and decided on a fabric. It was a tough choice (and I really couldn't have gone wrong), I ordered my new bag. It was so hard to narrow my selection down, and I really wanted to buy about five different bags, but I limited myself to one since they are pretty pricey. Anyway, at $75 (including shipping) it was a major indulgence (especially since I already have an acceptable purse), but I'm the kind of person that has to have something when I really want it. If not, it stays on my mind, fermenting until I have it!

Here's a picture of my new bag: it's not the best picture, but it's just the picture off of the website. (I assure you that it looks so much better in person!)

The bags are addicting because they are so beautiful. When I saw my sister Sharon's, I caught the bug and knew I had to have one. When mine arrived and my sister Annette saw it, she too caught the bug! (She called me this morning and told me that she bought one to use as a small diaper bag!)

For anyone who wants one but thinks they are too expensive, not to worry! They have awesome deals on different prints that are being discontinued. I could've gotten my purse for half the price if I'd been willing to settle for a different fabric. (As it was, I decided to get the fabric that I really wanted instead of settling for one that I liked, but didn't love.) Visit if you are interested in shopping!


Erin said...

So pretty! I'm definitely going to check out that site. Always on a look out for cute bags.

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