Monday, October 4, 2010

Premium M&Ms

I always love picking out new candy to try when I go to the store. Last Monday I went shopping with my older sister Kristin and I decided to try some of the premium M&Ms that I've seen advertised on TV. I got two different kinds; mint and triple chocolate. These M&Ms made a great first impression by their appearance. These M&Ms are very visually pleasing as they sport a speckled metallic skin -- I think they look like little gemstones! They differ from regular M&Ms in that they don't have your traditional hard candy shell. Instead they have a soft shell. The first kind I tried is triple chocolate where it is dark chocolate on the outside, white chocolate in the middle and milk chocolate on the inside. It's very good, but it's not a good as the mint ones, in my opinion. The mint ones are so creamy and delicious! I love these M&Ms, and I'm a huge fan of the beautiful colors they come in. The triple chocolate ones are purple, and the mint ones green; my two favorite colors!

Take a look at these beauties:


Anonymous said...

I would love to try them. Mint chocolate is my favorite!
I wonder when I will..

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