Monday, October 25, 2010

Turning 5

My nephew Ethan turned five last Thursday. When my sister Kristin and her family moved in with us three months ago, I wasn't sure if they would still be living here for Ethan's birthday, but fortunately they are! (Kristin's husband Scott hasn't found a job yet, which isn't a good thing, but we are all enjoying having Kristin's family live with us in the meantime.) Anyway, it was really a special treat to be able to spend Ethan's fifth birthday with him. My sister Sharon and her three youngest kids were also in town, so we had a full house!

My sister Kristin made fried chicken tenders for dinner, and they were amazing! I've never been a fan of homemade fried chicken in the past, but this was the best homemade fried chicken I've ever had! (I think it helps that Kristin has a deep fat fryer that she deep-fried the chicken in.) She also made a three layer devil's food chocolate cake with white chocolate Oreo frosting. All of the food tasted really good! Here are some pictures from our family birthday party:I know this post isn't about me, but I remember when I turned five. I can't believe how much has changed in my life and in the world in the past 21 years since then! Here are two pictures from that day:


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