Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend activity

When I was 13 I really wanted a 3-D puzzle, and I got one for Christmas that year. My dad, my older sister Kristin and I put the puzzle together that Christmas, and I left the assembled puzzle in my room for several months. After a while I decided to dismantle it and put it back in its box. It's been in my basement ever since.

As I wrote in my last post, my church's semiannual General Conference was this past weekend, so that meant that my family and I spent a relaxing weekend at home together watching the conference on TV via the internet. My brother-in-law Scott thought it would be a fun idea to put the 3-D puzzle together while we watched/listened to our conference.

Since this puzzle is 1000 pieces I really didn't think that they would be able to assemble the entire puzzle in two days. However, my sister Kristin and her husband Scott worked hard on the puzzle, and they had a little bit of help from my sister Laura and her husband Brett since they were over on both Saturday and Sunday. I guess I should've had more faith in the puzzlers, especially Scott, because the puzzle was finished by the end of the weekend. Kristin and Scott stayed up late and finished the puzzle a little before midnight last night.

Here are a few pictures detailing the construction of the puzzle:
The finished product! tChandra fell asleep with the the baby by the time everything was over!


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