Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crickets Chirping: the Perfect Soundtrack for Prayer

I woke up around 3 AM this morning and I couldn't get back to sleep. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I was hot, or that I was in a lot of [nerve] pain yesterday, or that I've had a lot on my mind, but whatever the reason, I couldn't sleep. Anyone that has ever had a restless night knows how frustrating sleeping problems can be, but last night I actually didn't mind.

This past weekend was the semiannual stake conference where all of my church's congregations in the St. Louis area meet together for one big conference. My stake president shared a quote that really struck me. I'd never heard it before and since I liked it so well I wanted to share it on my blog.

"Sometimes, the Lord sends his blessings in such a highly unusual, dramatic, or precisely timed manner, that it might be likened unto a 'Divine Signature.' It is as though the Lord 'signs' the blessing personally so that we will know with certainty that it comes from Him.In doing so, God not only gives us the blessing, but at the same time, He strengthens our faith and deepens our testimony of Him." Gerald Lund – "Divine Signatures"

Isn't that wonderful? I love knowing that when I pray God truly hears my prayers. And what makes it even better is that He not only hears them, but He answers them. This is such a wonderful concept and I just wish everyone was as sure as I am that this it is true.

Like I said, I've had a lot on my mind lately and I like to think and pray as a way to work through my thoughts and feelings. It was nice to be alone with my thoughts and listen to the crickets chirp while I waited for the whisperings of the spirit to come.


Loretta Valenta said...

Heather, I just started reading Divine Signatures and love it already! Hearing this quote from the book makes me want to read it faster! :) Thanks for sharing!

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