Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Resemblances

Family resemblance is an interesting thing. In some families all of the children closely resemble each other and you can tell that they are siblings. In other families the children really don't look like each other at all, although they may have certain facial features and other characteristics that they get from their parents. I have four biological sisters, and I don't think we resemble each other very much at all, but maybe that's because I've grown up with my sisters and I know their faces so well that it's hard to see the similarities instead of the differences. I wish we resembled each other more because I like looking like my family. It just says "we belong together." The person people say I look like the most is my mom. I don't see this, but again, it's probably because I know my mom's face so well that I only see the differences instead of the similarities.

What's really interesting is when people say that my sister Laura and I look like since she's adopted and we aren't biologically related. Even more strange is when people say that my youngest sister Chandra resembles resembles my mom or me. People have said this several times over the years, and it's very ironic and interesting since we are different races! I guess it must have something to do with mannerisms that you pick up from being around someone for so many years.
My dad's brother Paul visited last week and although I don't think they look alike at all, it was interesting to look at Paul's face while we talked because every so often I would catch a glimpse of my dad. I saw Paul's feet (he was wearing sandals) and they looked like my dad's feet. Kind of crazy!
Some of my sisters have children that really resemble them. My sister Kristin has four boys, and I think each of her boys have really looked like her, but all in different ways. I don't think her boys really look all that much like each other, but they all look like their mom. I wish I had kids (especially some girls) that looked like me. That's one of the many, many reasons why I wish I had my own children.


jamie @ [kreyv] said...

People always say that Stella looks like Jeremy. I think adopted children must start to take on the mannerisms and perhaps the look of their families!

Tina said...


Are you kidding me? You look just like your mom. Your eyes and nose are hers.

As far as people looking alike that are not biologically related, my good friend adopted two little girls. I can see her in one of the girls and the dad in the other. Meant to be.

Love your Utah Friend,


Tina said...

Dear Heather,

Are you kidding me? You look just like your mom in your eyes and nose.

As far as people looking alike that are not biologically related, I have a friend that adopted two little girls. One looks like her and the other like dad. Meant to be.

Love your Utah Friend,


P.S. Hope you enjoyed conference?

Hannah said...

So we have friends with 5 beautiful adopted daughters and you genuinely wouldn't know, I'm always surprised by how two of them are just like their dad and the other three just like their mum. I guess it's strange how these things work out...

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