Friday, September 2, 2011

New Set of Wheels

A man from the company that supplies my wheelchair came out to my house last week to give me a seating evaluation. I'm in the process of getting a new wheelchair, and this evaluation is the first step in the process. The man took my measurements and we talked about the things that I like/dislike about my current wheelchair and the things I want in a new wheelchair. Insurance companies will pay for a new wheelchair roughly every five years, and since I've had my chair for 7½ I'm more than due. I never take advantage of my insurance company by ordering something just because I can, but I feel like it's time to upgrade to a new wheelchair that will hopefully be a better fit and feel more comfortable.

Now that the seating evaluation is complete, a therapist will draft a letter that states that my wheelchair is a medical necessity and my doctor will sign off on it. After this the order for the wheelchair is placed. It takes several months for the wheelchair to be built and delivered, so I will hopefully have my new wheelchair by the end of the year. (Anywhere between October and December.)

I really hope my new chair is comfortable and that the backrest, head rest, arm rests, leg rests, seat, etc. are all comfortable. I decided to pick the color "candy red" because I want it to match my bright red van. The metal frame of the chair is the only part that's colored, so most of it will look black since that's what color the head rest, backrest, seat and armrests are. I think I'll nickname my new chair Chariot (Cherry-i-ot), or Cherry (Chair-y) for short. How does that sound?! I can't wait for it to arrive!


Matthew Smith said...

Will you be getting a power-chair that you can move yourself this time? (Having seen some of your pictures, it seems that your current one is not -- am I right?)

BTW, I found your blog through a comment you left on Jenni T's blog, which I've been following since 2009.

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