Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodbye Oprah, Hello Anderson

When the Oprah show went off the air earlier this spring, I wondered what I would watch at 4 PM once September rolled around and the new season of afternoon talk shows debuted. Imagine how pleased I was to hear that Anderson Cooper was starting a new afternoon talk show simply called "Anderson." I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Oprah over the years and I usually found most of her shows interesting and entertaining, but I have to say that I'd take AC over Ms. O any day! (I'm not implying that I have anything against Oprah, because I don't, but I'm just more excited about Anderson's show.)

I think Anderson Cooper is a wonderful reporter, but it's fun to see him step away from the CNN News desk and do something a little more lighthearted and fun, while at the same time still being informative, factual and entertaining. You might not realize it if you're just judging Anderson by his serious CNN side, but he is really funny and witty and he.doesn't have a problem laughing at himself. So if your looking for something to fill the "Oprah-void" you might just want to give Anderson a try.

*Disclaimer: if you are a regular follower of my blog, it probably sounds like I watch a lot of TV since I talk about a lot of shows. It's true, I do. I have the TV on all day and all evening. However, I'm not just sitting watching TV all day long, I work on my computer all day and all evening, and I have the TV on so that I can have some background noise while I'm working on my computer. I have to dictate all of my e-mails, journal entries, blog post, etc., so it's nice to have background noise to give me a little privacy since I don't have any doors in my bedroom area. (My bedroom is actually the living room, but we turned it into my bedroom after my accident since I live in a two-story home and I can't go upstairs where the real bedrooms are.) If a show is on that I want to watch, then I do pay closer attention, but I'm pretty much always multitasking. I work on my computer while keeping one ear on the TV, and if I'm really into a show, then I work on my computer during the commercials. I just wanted to let people know that I DO a lot more than just sit and watch TV all day. :)


Adam said...

Yay I'm excited too! Have you seen the you tube clip of Anderson giggling on the air? It's awesome.

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