Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When I was a little girl I had a huge fascination with school buses. I'm not sure how the fascination started, but any time I saw a school bus, I would excitedly exclaim, "Bus!” My dad went on lots of business trips when I was young, so that meant that my mom would have to drop him off at the airport. His flights were always very early in the morning, so I would have to go along for the ride since I wasn't in school yet. I loved the drive home because there would be so many buses out on their morning routes, and I had fun counting all of the buses that I saw. I even had a Fisher Price toy bus that came apart and turned into a classroom.

My nephew Kimball visited this past week, and he also loves buses. When the buses would come through my neighborhood every morning and afternoon, Kimball would run to the window and yell, "scoo bus!” It was very cute! He also enjoyed playing with my toy bus, although, some of the pieces have gotten lost over the years. I guess school buses are one of those things that kids love to love!


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