Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cooking lesson and lunch

Yesterday my friend Lacee came over for a cooking lesson with my mom. A few posts back I wrote about having a game night and how my mom made Better Than Sex Cake. Lacee and her husband Ryan were at my game night, and Ryan loved the cake. Well, Ryan's birthday is this coming Tuesday, so Lacee came over so that my mom could teach her to make the cake. (Lacee was having Ryan's parents over for dinner that night to help celebrate his birthday, so everything worked out perfectly!)

While the cake cooled, the three of us went out to lunch. I love sandwiches, so I decided that we should go to Mr. Goodcents. I actually haven't eaten IN the restaurant since before my accident, although I have had take out from there once or twice in the past six years. My sandwich tasted so good!

After we were finished eating lunch we went home so that Lacee could finish making her cake. Ryan called my mom about an hour ago telling her how good the cake was and thanking her for teaching Lacee how to make such an awesome cake. I'm glad he was surprised!


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